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tv   Today in Washington  CSPAN  January 25, 2013 2:00am-6:00am EST

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leadership. make no mistake it is not our battle but it is america's, america's battle. senator durbin asked an incredibly important question. what does it take? what does it take for us as a nation to act? i hope and pray and believe that this little town is our wake-up call. it is our call as americans to act now to save lives. thank you. [applause] . .or edmun
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g. brown jr. [applause]
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>> thank you than you thank yomr. speake mr. senate pro-temfellow constitutional officers, members ofth judiciaryan all myfriend gathere her thismorning. th message thiyearis clear. california is once again confound our critics we havwroughinjust two years solid andenduring budgetan b god, we'r going topreserve andkeep it tha wayfoyear t come [applause]
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that imylongest speech we're nogointo getou of here ifwedon'keep moving [laughter] against those whtake pleasure seeinofou demise california dith impossible you,thledgyou're did it yo cas difficult votesto cut billions from thstat budget yocurbed prisospending througanhistoric realignment an youreformed an reduced thestate' long-terpensio liabilities. then thecitizensof californiausinthei inherentpoliticapowe undethconstitution finished the task. they ebraced thene taxes of proposition30abou b healthy marginof55-44% [applause]
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members of the ledgeyou're salutyofo you courag forwholeheartedly throwing yoursel intth cause. saluteth union their members and thei leaders you showed whaordinary people can dwhenthey'r united and organized salut thoseleaderof californiabusinessan the individualcitizens who proudly stood with us. saluteth teacher a th sudents andthparent an thecollegpresidents thwhol schoo community as thegreajuristoliver wendelholmsaid whais describingwhatspur peopl to action,feelinbegets feeling angreafeelin begets great feeling you were alarmed you stirreyourselfto action andvictor was the outcome. thatwa 201anwhat year in facboth 201 and2012 were remarkable. you digreathings
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yoone-thirrenewabl energy mandatereformerof workers'compensation reorganization of stat governmentprotectingou forests an strengthening outimberindustry reforming ou welfaresystem an launching the ntion's first high-speedrail system but of cursegovernin neveends we hav promises tokeepan the most important oneis thonwe made toth people ipropositio 3 passed thatwewoulwoul guard jealously thmone temporarily made available thismeanlivingwithin our means annospendingwhat we don't have. fiscal discipline isno the enemy ofou goo intention buthbasi for ralizin them it'scruetoleadpeopleon by expanding goo program only tcu temcu the back whe thefundin disappears this isn'tprogress it i not eveprogressive. it i a illusion. the stopndgo theboom an busservesnoone. we're no going bacthere. this budge i balancebu
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grea ris anduncertaintie lie ahead. th federal gvernmentth courts ourchanges in the econom allcoulcostus billions and drive hole in th budget. thultimate cosof expendin ourhealth car system under theaffordable care act areunknow ignoring suc unknown unknowns would bfolly. in facthey'r known unknowns just aitwoul b t p downou walof debt. that ihoweplunge int decadof deficits. recall the storyof gnesi anpharaoh's dreaofseve cows faflesanwell flavore came out of thrive followed bseve othercows lean-fleshed andi'll favored. the lean cow ate uth fat cows thpharao couldno interpret hi dreamunti joseph explainedit thi that thesevefacows wer seveyear o greatplenty and thseveleancowswere seveearsoffamine tha woul immediately follow.
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th pharaohtook the avice of josepan storeup great quantities o grain during the yearsof plenty. whenfamine cam egyptwa read th peoplhavegive u seve yearsof extra taxes leusfollowthwisdom o joseph pay dunn ourdebt andstor upreserves against the leanertimethat wll surely follow. in the midst oth great depressionfranklin roosevel sai mysteriouscyclin"human events". tosome generations muc i given. much o other generations much i expected. thisgenerationha rendezvous witdestiny. we righthere i california, havesuchrendezvous wit ou own destiny al aroun uwesedoub anskepticism aboutou future and tha o america's. but we hav accomplishe together allthpeoplein this room,anwhat you accomplished comin u indeed thewhol history o
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california belie suc pessimism. rememberho californi began. in1769 under kincharle th iii orderwereissued to jos degalvez. visitor genera o california occupy andfortifsan dieg anmontereyfogod anth crowofspai gaspar and the a smallband ofbravme madtheiwa slowlynortalon unchartere path. eventuallytheyreache montereyan couldn' recognize th bay ith dense fog. with their suppliefailin theymarche bacto san diego. forcedtoeathfles o emaciate pacmuletostay alive. umdauntehe senfo provisions frobaja california andpromptly organized the secondex-p is did heretracedhi sep northward whatwa tbecome bein ecamino rea the king's highway this tim hjoinedth
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expedition by sea. the rest i history spectacular historyof bold poneers meetingever failure withevenreater success. thfounding o the mission secularized and sold offin a littlemore tha50 years thdisplacementan devastation of a nativ people thdiscoverofgold th cominofth 49ers and adventurers from every continent. first by thethousand and then bthe hundreds o thousands. then during thcivi war undepresidenlincol the transcontinentalrailroad an langrancolleges and followed bthe founding of the university of california and oiproduction movie an aircraf industry. th lones suspensio bridge in the world. aerospac the first freeways grand wateprojects jepropulsionlaboratory venture capital. silicon valley hewlett-packard. apple. qualcommgooglean countlesothersexisting an stilljustimagined
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what ithisbu tmost diverse, ceativean longes-standin mas migration in the history o the world. that'scaliforniaanwear its sonsandaughters. thisspeciadestin nve ends it slowsitfallters i goes off thetracks i ignorance an prejudicebu soon resumesagain. more vibrant andmore stunning i itsboldess. the rest o thecountr looks to californi notfo what's conventional,bu for what's necessary ncessar tokeep faith wit our courageous forbearers. whatwe'v dontogether and whatwe mus do inth comingyear ibi but i appeals incomparison tth indomitabl courageof those wh discovered an eac decade thereafte built a moreabundantcalifornia as legislators i iyour duty and privilegeto pas la
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but what w neeto dfo ou futurwillrequirmore than producing hundredof nelawseachyear mon taken, thegreafrench writer oth frencwriter of16thcentury onthe heis kay ofexperiencewisely wrote, thereis littl relation betweenouaction which arinperpetua mutation andfixean immutable laws thmost desirable lawar those that are t rart, simplest andmost general and eve thinkthat w better hav nonat allthan to have themin suc nmber as whave constantly expandingth coercivepoweof governmen by addin eac yea smany minuteprescriptions to alreaddetailed andturgen legasystem overshadows othe aspects o publi service. individual create activity an direcleadershipmust also play part wethisnobycommanding
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thou shalt o thoshalno with a newlabu b tapping inthpersuasive powethat caninspir and organizepeople lay th 1commandments nex toth education cod you sehofa wdivergedin approachinconten o tha which forms th basisofou legasystem in the rightorde othings educatio theearl fashioning ocharactean th formation o conscienc come bfore legislation nothing ismore determinative of our futur thanhowe teach our children if wfail athis wwill sogrowin sociachaoan inequality tatnolaca rectify. incalifornia's publi schools therar s million students 300,000 teachers asubjec t tens o thousandsof law
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anregulations. inaddition to thteachers in the classroom whave principal in every schoo superintendent and governing board fo eac school district. then we have the state superintendentstat board of education whichmake rules anaprove endless waiverofteoflaws which you justpassed thenther i t congres whicpasseslaws like no child left behinan finally thfedera department oeducatio whosrule auditan fines reach into everyclassroo in america where 60 million student study. nosi add tothisfactthatthre millio californi school-age children speak language at home other tha english and moreha t million live ipovertan we hav fundingsystem that i overl complex bureaucraticly drive and deeply inequitable that i thestate ofaffair today. the laws thaarinfashio demand tightly constrained curriculum andream o
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accountability dat, alth bettertorequir qizbits of information regurgitate atregulainterval and storedde ivast computers performance metrics of course are invoked lik calismans. districtauthorities crac thwhipdemandin quantitative measurean a star singl numbeto encapsulate th precise achievement leveofever child. we see think tha education is athin lik vaccine that can bdesigned fromafar andsimply injected int ourchildren bu a theiris poe williabutleryate sai education is notthfillin of pai but lightinof a fire [applause] thisyearas youconsider needucatiola ias you to conside theprincipl o
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subsidiary that is the ideathat a central authorithoul onlyperforthos tasks which cano bperforme at aor immediateorloca level. in other wordshigher o more remote levels o government like thstat shouldrender assistancto local school districtsbu always respectthei primary jurisdiction and the dignity anthfreedo oteachers an sudents subsidiarity ioffended when districauthoritie prescribe in minutdetail whatistaught howit i taught and how iis t b measured i prefer t trustou teachers i the classroom eachdadoin thereal wor lighting firesin young minds. [applause] my 201budgetlaysouth case for cutting categorical programs and puttingmaximu authority an discretio
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back into thloca level with school boards i'm asking you tapprov brand new, local control fundinformul which distribute supplementa funds, notthbasi funds supplement aone' ove a extended period oftime t schooldistrict based o the realworl poblemsthey face this are formularecognizes child i famil makin 20,000 a yea or speaking a language different fro englisorlivingin foster homrequires mre help equa treatment for childre in unequalsituationsis not justic [applause] we expechigher education costpressurear relentless and manstudents can't get th classesthey need halmilliofewe students thi yea erolled in community college tha in 2008. graduation in four yearsis th exception
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an transitiofromon segment to the otheris difficul university ocalifornia th cal state syste and thcommunity colleges are all working on this. the key hereis thoughtfu changeworkin with th faculty anth college presidents butuitioincreasear no theanswer i'm no goingto letth students o californi become the default financiers oou college anuniversities [applause] california was thefirs i the nationto pas law t implement presiden obama's historicaffordablecare act. ou benefithealthbenefi exchange called,cove california wileginnext yearprovidininsuranc t
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nearly oneillion californians over therest othisdecade california wilsteadily reduce thenumber oth uninsured. today i'calling fo specia sessiontodeal wit thosissues tatmust b decidequicklif california is togeth affordable car act started bynext jnuary. th broader expansionof medi-calthatth act calls fois incredibl complex and itwill tkemore time. working out th right relationship with th countieswill tes our ingun newt and wilnobe achievedovernight. given thcost involve greaprudenceshouldguid every stepof thewa california los1.millio jobs i thegrea recession but we'r cominback, at a faster pace than the national average the ne officof busines an economidevelopmen gobiz, thank youjohn, it was your bilon oth goodbill directly asisted mor tha
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5,000 companie thipast year one ofthos companies was samsunsemiconductohead quarte ikoreworkin withthe cityof san jos an santa clara count gobipersuade smsunto locate the onl researcan development facility in th world right here i california the ne facilit in sa jos will place u t 5,000 people ihigh-skill high-wage jobs we alsleveleth fel o internet sales taxespaving thwa forover thousan ne jobatamazon distribution centers i pattersoansan bernardino and notracy. this yeaweshould chang both the enterpris zon program an thejohiring credit they aren'working. we als nee trethinan streamlineouregulatory proceduresparticularly the californiaenvironmenta quality act. ouapproachneed t b basemore oconsistent standards that provide greatecertaintan cut needless delays. california's exports-- [applause]
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givingthrepublican something to cla about california's exports are booming anarplacin the worleconom nvebeen stronger our ties tth people' republic of chin aredeep from thechinesimmigrants crossing the pacificin 184 tohostinchina'next president in los angeles last february. this yeawe'l takanothe step t strengtheth tie between th world'ssecond an 9th largest economies inapri iwillleadtrad an investmen mission t china with the hel o the bearareaouncil a officially ope california' new tradaninvestment officein shangha central to the life of our statis wtean 1/6of that waterflow through the saoaquin delta silicon valleyth livermor valle farmers o the eastsideof thesa joaquin betwee fresnan
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cure run count andfarmer betweetracan uba southerncaliforniaan northern contr costaal ar criticalldependen upon thedeltfowater. if because oanearthquake used to call i 200year storm but mighbe a10 year stormthlastonwa in the 160or sealeve se levelriseif thedelt failth idisasterwoul be cmparable to hurrican katrina or superstorsand los o a least 100 billion an0,00 jobs. i'm going todo whateve can tomakesure tat doesn'happen mproposed plais two tunnels, 3milelongan 40 feet wide designed to improve thecolog the delta with almos10square mileof habitat restoration. yes,that'sbi but s i th problem thlondonolympicslast a short while. it cos14 bllio about thsamecost athis
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project bu thi project willcervicalimportantian for hundredsof servcaliforniansfo hundreds oyears. california's futurno lon termliability presents a greate danger toth well-being as buildu o carbondioxid andothe greenhousegase i the atmosphere according to thelatest report from th world ban carbondioxid emissions are thhighesin 1millio years. at today's emissio rat the planetcoulwarmby mor than sevendegree fahrenheit by the end of the century,an event unknownin human experience some oyowillbearound for that i won't. california i extremely vulnerable because oou mediterranea climatelong coastline an relianc o snow pac for smuchof our water supply tipping pointsca b received befor wevenknow wepassed them. this i adifferent kind o challenge than w eve faced. itrequires actin noweven though worst consequence
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arperhapdecades in the future agaicalifornia'sleadin the way. we'rreducingemissionas required b a32 and wil meet ourgoal o getting carbonemissionto 199 levels b2020 key toouffor-- [applause] key to oeffortis reducing electricity consumptiothroug efficiency standards for buildings an appliances. over thelast threedecade thes pioneerin these pioneeringffortsav save californian $65 billion and we'rno throug yet 65 billion that iwhat the legislature diover 3 years agoan we'r stilltakingprofit from it. that is th futuran that's whagetsthings done we're alsomeetinou renewable energy goals morethan 2renewabl energy thiyear a feyearagever utilit eecutivsaid i couldn't be doneanwe
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already have by2020 we'llge a las a third of our electricity from thesuan the win anothe rnewabl sources an probabl mor in the yearsfollowinworl wa icaliforniaembarked on avast program t build highwaysbridge androads. toda california' highway are asketoaccommodat more vehiclethananothe statin the nation. most o these structure wereconstructe beforwe knew about climatechange anthlethaleffect o dirty air. wenoexpect more. directedou transportation agenc t reviewthoroughly our current prioritiesan explor lon-ter funding options. last yeayouthorize another biprojec high-speed rai ye it' bol butso i everything about california. electrifie train are par ofth future. china alreadha5,00 mileof high-spee rai and they intentodouble that. spai has1600 milesanis
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building more. more tha adoze other countries have theirow successful high-speed rail systems. evenmorocc i buildin one. th firstphaswillgeus from mdera t bakersfield we'll takeit throughth mountaintopalmdale constructing 3 milesof tunnels anbridges. the firsrailline through thos mountainswa builtin 1874 andit top speedover th crest i still 24 mile anhour we'll builanothe33mile oftunnel and bidge before wge thetrai t itdestination at union station in the heart o los angeles. we all knoth storyofth littleengine thacould. thbienginewereaske to haul thfreigh train over themountain they saican' dit asked another, can't d it. little train saithin i can. so hpulledthengine pulled ifronof a lon
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lineof freight caran started puffinaway i think cathin ica i think can i thincan. and over the mountaith littleengine went. we'rgoin tge ovethat mountainhave no doub about it [applause] it'stakeerseveranc t get usthis far i signed the origina high-speedrail authority i 1982, more than 30ears ago in2013wefinall break ground and start construction this imy11thyear on th job,and have nve bee more excited tw yearsago they wer writin our obituary. wellit didn' happen. california i bacit budget i blanced and we're on themove let's geit done. thank you. [applause]
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thank you. [applause]
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